Adam Jakus


“New Materials-Centric Technologies for Advanced Manufacturing & Biofabrication”


Adam Jakus, PhD is the co-founder and Chief Technology of Dimension Inx LLC, a start-up developing transformative advanced manufacturing materials and processes for medical and non-medical spaces. Adam received his BS and MS degrees in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) from Georgia Tech and PhD in MSE from Northwestern University (NU) in 2014. While at NU, Adam developed an entirely new, materials-centric approach to 3D-printing, now referred to as 3D-Painting, and hundreds of new 3D-printable materials. These materials include but are not limited to Hyperelastic Bone®, 3D-Graphene, Tissue Papers, and Fluffy-X™ as well as 3D-Metals and Alloys, advanced ceramics, and more. In 2016, Adam co-founded Dimension Inx along. Adam is the author and co-author of numerous high impact medical and non-medical publications, book chapters, industrial publications, and is actively involved with professional societies, helping to establish guidelines, guidance, and certifications related to the emerging fields of tissue and organ manufacturing.


Even with the increased availability of 3D-printing hardware, the field of biofabrication is still dominated by the use of readily available gel and polymeric materials that are relatively straightforward to 3D-print, but have limited translational value. Thus, one of the primary hindrances to translation of biofabrication technologies is the lack of suitable biomaterials. It is for these reasons that Dr. Adam E. Jakus and Prof. Ramille N. Shah developed the 3D-Painting technology and founded Dimension Inx in 2016. 3D-Painting permits nearly any material, from biological tissues to ceramics, alloys, and more to be 3D-printed via simple, room-temperature deposition All 3D-Paints are co-3D-printing compatible with each and may even be blended to create compound 3D-paints. This presentation will discuss the fundamentals of 3D-Paints and the 3D-Painting technology and will highlight results from recent research and development projects, including projects related but not limited to Hyperelastic Bone®, 3D-Graphene, and Fluffy-X™ 3D-Painted materials.