JAN JENSEN – Trailhead Biosystems, Inc.
Jan Jensen, Ph.D.
CEO/CSO and founder of Trailhead Biosystems, Inc

Jan Jensen, PhD is CEO/CSO and founder of Trailhead Biosystems, Inc. He is also the Ed. J. Brandon endowed chair of Diabetes Research at the Cleveland Clinic. He has 17 years of academic PI experience in the USA (developmental biology/bioinformatics/stem cell biology), and serves as reviewer for both the NIH and the ADA and multiple international journals. His work broadly covers cell differentiation projects in all germ layers.

Mapping and Controlling Fate Spaces: How to Achieve Process Understanding When Directing Cellular Differentiation
The Trailhead Technology is based on High-dimensional experimental perturbation of mammalian cell culture and is applicable to solving complex problematics in multi-stage differentiation and the formulation of complex media for specialized cells. The method is based on Quality-by-Design principles and provides extraction of industry-relevant parameters for cell culture as it enables improved process understanding and statistical determination of process capability. The technology development in Trailhead Biosystems is focused on visualization of cellular Fate Spaces and the control of such to facilitate robust progressive cellular specialization in-vitro.